Doubt about the functioning of the presence sensor

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admin Staff asked 8 months ago

I have an accommodation facility that hosts tourists in the summer, I would like to install air conditioners, but I am held back by the fact that customers would leave them on all day, even with the windows open.
It already happens with blade fans installed.
I have seen your product which seems valid to me, I have some doubts which I will submit to you.
For presence detectors my doubt is, do they work like those installed in many public toilets such as bars or restaurants? Because in that case they don't seem to work very well. You would have to move continuously to avoid turning off the air conditioner. What if, for example, someone is sitting in an armchair reading a book?

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admin Staff answered 3 months ago

The operation of our Occupancy Sensor is significantly superior to those to which you have compared them. In fact, when configuring it, you must decide on a "delay" after which Occupancy Sensor will turn off the air conditioner.

You can choose between 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Generally our customers set it to 60 minutes, just to be sure that after that time they are relatively sure that there is no one left in the room.

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