Remote Technical Assistance

 15,00 (excl. VAT, if applicable)

The convenience of a phone call, the expertise of a dedicated technician.

Don’t you know how to install or configure our products? Do you have doubts about the functioning of some products or about the related settings that are important for correct operation?

No problem, we’ll help you!!

Our remote technical assistance will help you in these and other cases.

You can purchase one or more packages of 20 minutes.

Remember that the 20 minute timescale is indicative and depends on the type of intervention, the technical characteristics of your system and other factors which may not be predictable beforehand.

If these conditions are not favourable, 20 minutes of intervention may not be sufficient.

NB: The appointment will be considered fixed only when you receive a confirmation message from our technical department, either by mail or by telephone/WhatsApp.

NNB.: By placing an order with us, the first Remote Technical Assistance is FREE

Enter (if you remember it) the number of your order placed on our website
Select the product you are requesting assistance for
Briefly describe the type of technical assistance you need
Preferred dates and times for remote technical assistance.
If possible, please specify different days and times