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Luke asked 5 months ago
Hi, does the sensor need to be exactly next to the AC unit? Or I can place it somewhere else for better angle?   Thanks
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admin Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi LUke,

we suggest to install the sensor next to the AC unit, as described in our website.

Please note; installation next to the AC unit is mandatory for P1 model, as it need to be cabled to the AC itself.

P3 model, being battery operated, can be installed even in front of AC unit, or where you need.
Infrared signal can reach up to 8 meters, but this vary depending of AC brands and models, so you need to test it for your own case.

As described in the other question (look here), you don't need to worry about the rooms schape, as you can set the Occupancy Sensor P1 model to "Apartment Mode" setting.
In this mode, the Occupancy Sensor P1 will remain «dormant» waiting to receive information from the door sensor mounted on the apartment entrance door. When someone opens and closes the door to enter the apartment, Occupancy Sensor P1 is activated and monitors the room in which it is installed for the established observation time. During this time, if Occupancy Sensor P1 detects movement within its control range, it leaves the air conditioner ON and no longer intervenes to turn it off. This remains until there is a new change of condition on the door sensor mounted at the door; in fact, when someone leaves the apartment and closes the door again, if Occupancy Sensor P1 detects no more movement for the set observation time, it deduces that the apartment is empty and turns the air conditioner OFF, as soon as the observation time expires.

You can set the observation time choosing between 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

This setting is optimal for apartments like yours L-shaped room!

Check here in for more details: