Switching off a multi split with the Occupancy Sensor system

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admin Staff asked 4 years ago
Good evening, I have a B&B and would like to know if the praesentia system is applicable to my situation. I have two rooms which share the air conditioning motor (dual motor). I would therefore like to know if your appliance can operate in one room without compromising the operation of the air conditioning in the other room.
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admin Staff answered 9 months ago

Let's start by saying that the 2 internal units (even of a multi split, as in your case) can function separately from each other, so one can be on while the other is off.

Having made this necessary premise, the Occupancy Sensor's system is able to turn off the internal split (therefore, one of the 2 units mounted on a room) by sending it a "clone" turn-off signal like that of the original remote control supplied.

If your concern is to turn off only 1 of the 2 units, you must therefore agree to install the Occupancy Sensor so that the signal it sends cannot reach the other machine in the other room.

This is easily verifiable, even using the original remote control: for example, being in one room, if you turn off the air conditioner it won't be able to turn off the one in the next room, we suppose.

To conclude, we can confirm that the Occupancy Sensor system will not affect the functioning of the air conditioning in the other room, precisely because it will behave like a programmed remote control.