Where is the best place to place the presence detector?

Questions & Answers – FAQCategory: Questions about Occupancy SensorsWhere is the best place to place the presence detector?
admin Staff asked 4 years ago
Where is the best place to place the detector? On the ceiling above the bed, in the center of the room?
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admin Staff answered 9 months ago

We recommend mounting the Occupancy Sensor on the side of the split, but you can obviously mount it where you see fit by extending the connection cables as necessary, unless your model is P3 which, as it does not require any cable connection to the split, can be mounted anywhere you want.

There is no "best place", but you will need to try which position is recommended in your specific case based on the shape of the room, ensuring that Occupancy Sensor's PIR eye is able to see the entirety (or almost all) of the room to check.

Make sure there are no disturbing elements in the room, such as a ceiling fan.

Note, however, that for this type of problem, a cover for the PIR sensor is supplied with the product, designed to "obscure" part of the vision where there may be disturbing elements.

Last thing to keep in mind for assembly, the Occupancy Sensor PIR sensor is able to "see" up to approximately 5-7 meters away, a large surface area that is more than sufficient for most environments where its use is required. intervention.

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