Windows Sensor does it also work on multi splits?

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admin Staff asked 5 years ago
Hi, I wanted to know if Window Sensor W1 works on all types of air conditioners, including multi split ones.
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admin Staff answered 7 months ago

In our experience, even multisplits have thermostats on the gas return from the internal unit and when they detect that the gas returns too cold they close the solenoid valve that controls that split in particular, without this impacting the operation of the other splits connected to the same engine.

However, we cannot know in advance how all the individual models work; for this reason, I advise you to do a simple test with your electrician: disconnect the power supply from the terminal board of an internal unit (simulating the intervention of the Window Sensor W1) and see how the machine behaves by turning on the others; at this point if the machine continues to work correctly, it will know that it can install Window Sensor W1 without problems.

Alternatively, you can turn your attention to our OCCUPANCY SENSOR products, which works differently and will certainly not cause you problems.

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